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A Dream Vacation in the Exotic Islands of Bocas Del Toro

Bocas del Toro is an archipelago of 9 main islands and another 52 islets is located in the northern Caribbean coast of Panama. The duration of a direct flight from Panama City to Bocas is about an hour. It is an ecological vacation area that also includes a marine park that has been declared as a UNESCO conservation site and is called the Gal√°pagos of the Caribbeans.


A Map of the Bocas Del Toro Islands

Those who are looking for magical beaches with golden sand, clear and calm turquoise waters, a variety of recreational activities and water sports, a close encounter with a huge variety of animals and hiking in the virgin landscapes, this is the place for them. It is recommended to stay in the area for at least 4 nights.


Cabins on the Water

Especially Popular Tours for Families in the Area Are:
Sailing to the Dolphin Bay, the Sloth Island and the chocolate farm, hiking in the rain forest among sloths, poisonous frogs, monkeys, butterflies, toucans and a variety of birds where you will learn how to prepare chocolates and enjoy tastings. The tours include also sailing among the wild dolphins jumping with joy around your boat.
Sailing to the Red Frog Beach


Cayo Zapatilla Island

Sailing to Zapatilla Cay Island and snorkeling in the Coral Bay a combination of a visit to a small and wild island, a hike across elevated platforms between mangroves where crocodiles hide and a swim in pristine beaches, with snorkeling among colorful corals where huge kind of fish of all sizes swim.



Fish and Corals

Sailing in kayaks for a visit in the local Salt Creek Village in the village you will have a guided tour and you will learn about the local lifestyle. You will see the school, the homes, their handicraft etc. An authentic and non-commercial tour!


The Children of the Indian School


The Children of the Indian School

A tip for accommodation for a traveling family in Panama:
It is recommended to stay on the Bocas Del Toro Islands in one of the resorts which offer cabins on the water.

Azul Paradise Hotel

This is a wonderful and unique experience: seeing the turquoise water through the transparent floor of the cabin, jumping in the water from the cabin's balcony and at night, hear the sound of the water, all that gives a huge added value to the trip and the vacation, you will feel you have reached heaven!

The Interior of the Cabin on the Water

An ecological resort (powered by solar and gas) is the Azul Paradise located on the Bastimentos Island. It is especially recommended. It has 10 cabins, including a two-story family cabin, with two bedrooms and a living room. This resort has a wonderful beach, designed only for its guests, a friendly monkey that will be happy to play with you, several friendly dogs, snorkeling equipment, kayaks, sea mattresses and water amusements for free usage by the guests, comfortable lounge chairs and a restaurant. The place is American owned and has especially friendly staff.

A Monkey Playing with a Dog and a Guest in the Hotel



More Articles: Independent Trip to Panama, Best places to visit   |   Panama City Travel Guide