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This park is 600 square kilometres in size. It is full of impressive cliffs and canyons, rich plant life (over 800 kinds of plants) including hanging gardens and forests, and many wild animals (75 species of mammals, 270 species of birds and more). This park is home to the largest natural arch in the world: Kolob Arch, 95 metres wide. The lowest point of the park is 1128 metres above sea level, the highest at 2660 metres above sea level. The pioneers named it Zion as they thought its beauty was heavenly and holy. It was declared a national park in 1919.  The recommended length for a visit to this park is one full day.


Zion National Park


You can find extensive information about the park here and here.
Park location and transportation
Zion National Park is in southwest Utah, 8km away from a town called Springdale. The nearest airport is at the town of Saint George, 70km away from the park.




Zion National Park


The distance between Zion and Bryce Canyon is 140km, but while planning your trip keep in mind that some of the road passes through the canyon and is steep and curved, so you should drive carefully and slowly. I recommend not driving through this road after nightfall, for safety reasons but also because you will miss some beautiful scenery.


Zion National Park


The road connecting Mt. Carmel Junction and Springdale passes through Zion Canyon. On either side of it are enormous and beautiful mountains. The road crossing the park is 20km long and includes two tunnels carved into the cliffs, one of them 2km long.

The visitor centre is a short distance from the south entrance to the park (the entrance nearest to Springdale). It is open all year round. In the summer the opening hours are 8AM to 7PM; in other seasons the opening hours are shorter.


Recomended Hotels for Zion visitors:

One hotel Zion Lodge is located inside the park and is open aii year around and you need to book it long time in advance.

I recomend to find a place in Springdale Hotels which is a town near the park. It is a nice town with restaurants and more facilities that needed.

And also you like a Discount Lodge: Terrace Brook Lodge


More options can be found in other towns close to the park:

Mt. Carmel



More information about the park and the area:


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