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Orlando is full of hotels and motels of every kind. You can get a decent room at a good location for less than 50 dollars. But there is another living option in Orlando that is far better for families: staying at an apartment or villa. Staying at a 2-3 bedroom apartment in a vacation apartment complex costs 60-100 dollars, depending on the location and the time of the year. However, for 100-140 dollars a night you can live in a dreamy villa with 3-5 bedrooms, a living room, a family room, a big, fully equipped kitchen, a dining room, private parking, and the main attraction: a big private pool with a lovely patio. The patio and pool are protected from mosquitoes and other bugs by a flyscreen.


Vacation Villa  pool in Vacation Villa


In the winter months, the pool is heated. Some of the villas have other attractions, such as a Jacuzzi in one of the bathrooms or an outdoor Jacuzzi, a game room or a huge collection of DVDs. Some have pool tables, air hocky or soccer tables. Every villa has several televisions, video and DVD players, excellent stereo systems and more. Each villa has at least two spacious bathrooms, sometimes even three. There’s no need to stand in line for the shower in the morning as you hurry to get ready to leave the house.



For the price of two motel rooms you can live comfortably in a spacious, luxurious villa, with a separate room for each child and a huge master bedroom for the parents with a walk-in closet and a big ensuite bathroom. It is truly living the dream.


game room  pool  in Vacation Villa


The villa owners have thought of every detail and many have designed the kids’ rooms of their villas with Disney themes in mind. Considering the amount of living space and the number of beds in these villas, even up to 12 people can stay in one of them comfortably. So if two families decide to travel together they can rent a single villa and pay a laughably meagre price!
The houses are new and equipped with everything a family could need and more. All you need to do is shop for groceries upon arriving and you’ll feel right at home. This way you can eat breakfast at the apartment before leaving for the day’s adventures and save time and money. After a busy, tiring day at the bustling theme parks there is nothing nicer than coming home to a spacious house and resting in one’s own personal room or enjoying a dip in the pool.


room  room


All of the villas have a central air-conditioning system, cable TV, a private home phone line with free local calls (meaning: someone with a laptop can connect to the internet for free), a washing machine, and a dryer. Every house is in a quiet and safe neighbourhood of villas in some suburb not far from Disney’s theme parks.


kitchen   living room


Every such neighbourhood has playgrouds for kids and a public pool for the whole neighbourhood (for those who are interested in a larger pool than the private one in the villa; you probably won’t need it). Many neighbourhoods also have tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts. Some have a central club building with a gym in it.
The drive from the villa to the Disney theme parks takes 5-15 minutes (depending on the location of the neighbourhood where you are staying) and 15-25 minutes to International Drive, where many of Orlado’s other main attractions are (Universal Studios, Sea World, Wet N’ Wild, and many other smaller attractions, as well as shopping).
There aren’t many other places in the US or in Europe where you can live in such high-class lodging for such great prices. The only downside of these villas is that after you stay in them, it’s hard to get used to standard hotels and motels for the rest of your trip...


Booking a Villa:

Booking is usually made through the internet or via direct phone call to the owners of the villa or the rental agency.
Vacation Home Rentals is a good search engine for finding and booking villas in Orlando.

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