Sport teams and categories in the United States

A sport game in the United States is more than a regular sport experience – it is a part of the American culture.
Leagues in the highest level in the world exist in the United States in several sport branches: Basketball, Baseball, Football and Ice Hockey.
Surprisingly, the soccer league in the U.S. is relatively on a lower level, and this sport is less popular than other sport games, contrary to Europe. Therefore, it is less desirable to visit soccer games in the U.S.
However, sport fans that wish to watch a basketball game of a very different level, should attend an NBA game in the U.S.


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NBA - National Basketball Association

The NBA league games take place between November and April, and during May and June, the playoffs take place.
For those who wish to attend a game, it is recommended to check whether in one of the trip destinations there is a league team, and whether they have home games at that time. There are 30 teams in the NBA, all over the U.S. as well as one team from Canada (Toronto).
Among the most popular tourists' destinations where NBA games can be attended are Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami and Orlando.

It is recommended to buy tickets in advance, so that you do not find yourself without a ticket. You can order the tickets in advance and collect them at the box-office on the day of the match.
The ticket prices are relatively expensive, normally the tickets for the far seats range around $40 and get higher as the location gets better, and can reach several hundred Dollars for seats near the parquet.

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In addition to basketball, other sport branches are popular:


MLB - Major League Baseball

The baseball league games take place from March to September, and in October – the playoffs. The league is long and is played almost daily, sometimes even two due to postponement of games because of rain. The normal league is of 162 games for each team in a period of six month.

Baseball may seem a boring sport to the TV watcher that is unfamiliar with the game rules, but even those not really acquainted with the rules, will enjoy attending a game. To experience the atmosphere during the match is a special experience. Being present in the huge stadiums holding tens of thousands of seats, together with thousands of Americans singing American songs, with children, women and the aged, without any violence, is quite a pleasure . The first time I attended a baseball game, I was unfamiliar with it, but I enjoyed it so much that I went to many more games and learned to like it.



The Baseball league has also 30 teams from all over the U.S. and Canada.

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Here as well, like in the NBA, you can order tickets in advance, but it is also possible to buy tickets at the box-office on the match day, usually there is room because of the size of the huge stadiums. The prices are much lower than in the NBA games, and occasionally you may find tickets for as low as few Dollars for the more remote seats.
Sometimes, the price of the ticket includes a souvenir such as a hat, a towel or the teams' emblem.




NFL - National Football League

This game is relatively aggressive and with many injuries, and each team has many players.
The football league is relatively short, from September to early January, and the playoffs take place from mid-January to mid-February. There is only one game per week for each team, and a total of 17 games for each team during the regular league season.
The football stadiums are huge, reaching at times 100 thousand seats and even more. The tickets are more expensive than those of baseball are, and start at $50 and up.

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NHL - National Hockey League

Another popular sport in the US is ice hockey. The American Hockey league is the best in the world and the players are hockey stars from around the world, most from the cold countries such as Scandinavia, Russia, Canada, and certainly players from the U.S.
The hockey season is from October to the end of May, with playoffs in June.

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MLS - Major League Soccer

For those who anyway, wish to see a soccer game in the U.S., can go to a match of the American Soccer League MLS.
The league has only 10 teams, 5 from the East and 5 from the West. The games take place during the months April thru October, one round per week.

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Many prestigious tennis tournaments take place in the U.S., a great number of which are held during the winter months in warm Florida.
The largest and most important tournament is held in New York State at the end of August. This is the US Open - Tennis Championships tournament in "Flushing Meadows" in Queens.

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