Guided tours in San Francisco

San Francisco offers a huge variety of exciting guided tours. Of course it is possible to tour the city alone by foot, in a car or by public transportation, however, the guided tours will present to you the city in the most convenient and interesting manner and will teach you a lot about this colorful and unique city.


San Francisco

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Bicycle tours

For the sportier, a bicycle tour of the city heart is warmly recommended. Believe it or not, but even in a city abounded with inclines and slopes like San Francisco one can have fun riding the bicycle with no special effort on a historical terrific route named “Wiggle”.

historical terrific route named “Wiggle”


Town hall:

Town hall





Painted Ladies:

Painted Ladies


Good tours with energetic knowledgeable guides are conducted by the company Streets of San Francisco Bike Tours.

The tours depart from the trendy Hayes Valley and reach the Civic Center, the Golden Gate Park, Alamo Square, the Hippie neighborhood Ashbury Height, alleys full of graffiti and more. The tour lasts about 3.5 hours. The Company offers even longer tours as well as personally suited private tours for small groups.

The company Bike and Roll (that has branches in other U.S.A cities) organizes bike tours which include a ride on the Golden Gate Bridge with a return by ferry boat from Sausalito. It is also possible to rent a bike and ride alone. Those who don’t want to exert themselves can rent an electric bike.



Segway tours

The most popular tours with the youth are those conducted on a Segway. There is nothing like traveling up and down the steep slopes of the City on a Segway and receiving thrilling explanations while passing next to the main tourist attractions.
The two companies that organize these tours of the City are: The City Segway Tour, a large corporation that organizes city tours in many cities of the world, among the pioneers of Segway tours, and San Francisco Guided Segway Tour which offers a variety of city tours, for beginners and advanced, including a tour of Sausalito and a night tour. Riding the Segway is allowed to persons above the age of 12 that weight more than 45 Kg.


Segway tours


Fire Engine Tour

Another lovely tour that especially suits families is San Francisco Fire Engine Tours. On this tour you will visit the City, including on the Golden Gate Bridge all the way to Sausalito on a red shiny fire engine accompanied by guides that will not stop entertaining you.


Movie Tours

Movie lovers can join a City tour following movies organized by San Francisco Movie Tours. The tour will take you thru shooting sites of about 200 famous scenes from 100 movies that were shot in the City. The tour is conducted on buses with huge screens and excellent surround system.


Guided foot tours

Guided foot tours are conducted in various neighborhoods of the City such as: China Town, and “Little Italy”.
On my opinion, The best tour of China Town is All About Chinatown Tours .



This is a specially recommended tour that provides a totally different view angle of this interesting neighborhood, considered the largest Chinese Quarter outside of Asia. If one tours the quarter alone, he will probably enter the various souvenir shops, observe the unique building architecture and the abundance of Chinese symbols and have a Chinese meal in one of the many restaurants or have a “Dim Sam” and continue. However, when you join the tour with the amazing tour guide Linda Lee, you get exposed to a different and fascinating world, and you learn a lot, all thru a yielding personal experience. The tour takes you to a Fortune Cookie manufacturing plant, having of course a taste of the cookies’, visit a pharmacy in which next to various medical herbs are also alligator feet and dried insects, and have a nutshell lesson on Chinese Medicine, visit a Buddhist Temple and make wishes, see the locals in various meditation exercises, roam the fruits and vegetables market with a huge variety of products with most attractive prices, glance into the Chinese School and learn about the rigid studies conducted there, after studies at the American school, and learn from first hand how it is to grow up in this bubbling crowded quarter. Linda is thrilling and amusing and she succeeds to captivate everyone. At the end of the tour one can join her for a meal in one of the Quarter’s restaurants where mainly the locals dine. Those who do not wish to dine, receive a list of recommended restaurants in the Quarter to enjoy at a later time. The tour takes around two hours, without the meal. You will be surprised how much you have learned in such a short time.




Chinatown shop


Fortune Cookie manufacturing plant




Especially tasty foot tours are conducted by Gourmet Walks: Fun Foodie Tours, which offers various types of food tours. The most famous of them is the chocolate tour offered by the company. Those who savor the sweets will gurgle with pleasure. The tour takes the visitors to small local chocolate factories, gourmet shops and delicatessen that specialize in chocolate, at an organic coffee shop famous for its chocolate, and everywhere samples of a variety of magnificent high quality chocolates are offered while hearing explanations and fascinating stories in the manner in which chocolate is produced, its history, sources and more.


Gourmet Walks: Fun Foodie Tours


Gourmet Walks: Fun Foodie Tours


For those who prefer salty food, and especially Asian food, it is recommended to join the tour by the company named Gourmet Japantown/Fillmore that departs from the small Japanese Quarter goes thru the luxurious Pacific Heights Quarter and the Jazz and fashion quarter Fillmore.



 On this tour you will have a taste of Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese food, including deserts and interesting and special drinks but will also visit trendy coffee shops with healthy food and lots of atmosphere. While doing all this you will hear the story of the Japanese Community in the City during the Second World War, which after the attack on Pearl-Harbor, was expelled from its home, all of its property taken, and sent to secluded closed camps. You will also see interesting buildings and get to know quarters that are less familiar to Israelis. Each food tour takes about three hours, you certainly will not remain hungry!


Gourmet Walks: Fun Foodie Tours


Gourmet Walks: Fun Foodie Tours


The Triangle Building




Lombard Street


For those who prefer a Hebrew Guidance, you will be glad to hear that there is also a good solution for this. Sarah Navon, a tour guide, and Israeli who lives many years in San Francisco, knows every corner of the City and has guided many groups of Israelis in various guided tours. Currently she is a private guide for families, couples and small groups. She joins you in your car and for 8-9 hours she will show you the wonders and secrets of the City from every possible angle. You decide with her on the tempo and the contents of the tour in accordance with your wishes and needs and she will lead you thru the curved streets to the most beautiful vista points at the most appropriate time (it is advisable to remember that climate in San Francisco is volatile and cloudy, especially in the summer), she will tour with you in the special neighborhoods and introduce the city to you in depth in a manner that only a local can do. While touring with her you will learn a lot about the City’s history that included earthquakes, fires and revolutions, about the colorful population that lives here, the special structure of the City, and many other interesting facts.
Sarah will also recommend to you what to see, where to visit, dine and spend time in the following days of your trip, so It is recommended that you take the tour with her at the beginning of your trip.


Recomended Hotels in San Francisco

The recomended area in san francisco is fisherman's wharf, it is expensive one:

Argonaut, a Kimpton Hotel

The Fairmont Heritage Place Ghirardelli Square


More cheaper but still good hotels:

Holiday Inn Fisherman's Wharf

Best Western PLUS The Tuscan

Courtyard by Marriott Fishermans Wharf


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