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The most popular and touristic island in Turks and Caicos islands is Providenciales, which in short is called: “Provo” on which most of the international flight from the United State and Canada arrive: less than a two-hour flight from Miami and Fort Lauderdale, about two and a half hours from Philadelphia and less than a three hour flight from New York. There are also direct flights from Toronto.


turks and caicos map


Did you know? There are no lakes or rivers on the Turks and Caicos island but there are 400 km of beaches!


The most popular beach on this island is Grace Bay which is 12 miles long (over 19 km! and it gained every possible title (and rightly so), it’s located north of the island, on the side of the Atlantic Ocean.


grace bay beach


Along its entire length, there are many hotels, most of them are very impressive and prestigious, although you can find closer to the beach also a medium class hotels with more reasonable prices.
Hotels, apartment hotels and villas for rent are spread also in other places on the island, mostly on the northern part.

Another wonderful beach north of the island, smaller and more isolated is the “Pelican Beach”.


pelican beach

This beach is closer to the villa neighborhood, where each villa is overlooking the sea or a canal where the color of the water there is also deep turquoise. Each villa, of course, has a private dock and a yacht.


villas in providenciales island

Especially popular beaches for families with shallow and calm waters are in hidden coves on the Caribbean side (the south) on the island.
Especially recommended are Taylor Bay Beach and Sapodilla Bay Beach.


Sapodilla Bay Beach

Near these beaches, there is a national park called Chalk Sound National Park which is all water. This is a turquoise lagoon with dozens of islets.


 Chalk Sound National Park


 You must search carefully for a vantage point because on the narrow spit of land, which surrounds it, were built stunning villas that have taken over the breathtaking landscape and turned it into their exclusive property.


villas in the national park called Chalk Sound National Park

Most of the beaches on the Caribbean side of the island are suitable mainly for windsurfing. The most popular beach for surfing is: Long Bay Beach.


Long Bay Beach


Recommended hotels in providenciales: 

Hotels on ‘Grace bay” beach:

All the hotels have a swimming pool, a beach with loungers for free usage by the hotel guests and a free usage of the kayaks, sea mattresses and in some of them also the windsurfing and the sailing boats.


Villa del Mar

A luxury suite hotel located on the beach in which there are from spacious double studio apartments to huge penthouse apartments (167 square meters) with two bedrooms and a living room designed for 7 people.


The Somerset on Grace Bay

A five-stars’ hotel suites located on the beach. The hotel has an “infinity” swimming pool and spacious suites ranging from apartments with a one bedroom and living room, to apartments with three bedrooms and a living room with 232 square meters and a view of the ocean.

hotel pool


Alexandra Resort

A 4-star suites hotel located also on the wonderful Grace Bay beach. The suites hotel has various sizes suitable for 2-6 people.


Ports of Call Resort

A 3-star hotel across the road from the popular beach with a shuttle service to the beach (5-minute walk). The hotel rooms are suitable for 2-4 people. It is suitable to those who want to stay in the center of things but pay a reasonable price.

A popular suite hotel located in TURTLE COVE a 5-10 minutes’ drive from Grace Bay beach:


La Vista Azul

A suite with a fully equipped kitchen and a washer and dryer, suitable for 2-3 people in a new building near the marina with a view of the ocean and a pool at an attractive price.

La Vista Azul hotel


Explorations and tours in the Provo island

The most convenient and cheapest way to travel in Provo is in a rental car (driving here is on the left side). Most of the roads on the island are well paved and comfortable for driving. The island has a few branches of international and local companies and the rental prices are perfectly reasonable (in comparison to the expensive taxi prices). There is no public transportation on the island at all and therefore whoever wants to travel and explore and not just enjoy the beach close to the hotel can be mobile either with a rental car or a taxi. There are very little land-based tours on the island. The major and most popular tours are the sailing tours including mainly snorkeling, beautiful beaches and sometimes searching for clams. There are tours for a full day but certainly, you can defiantly settle in a half a day sailing (3-4 hours).


"Caicos Dream Tours" Company

A large and successful company that has tours on the island in the Caicos Dream Tours company. You should join its tour called: Snorkel and Conch Cruise in which in addition to a scenic cruise in calm turquoise water and snorkeling in the reef you will also visit a small island nearby, known for its many iguanas living in it and you will learn a lot about the giant clams of Provo. The local guides will pull out for you, from deep, a variety of oysters and will prepare them in a delicious salad (including also a tomato, peppers, and an onion) and they will teach you a lot about the giant clams which raises an impressive shellfish.

Caicos Dream Tours Company boat



The Silver Deep company

Another successful company offering similar tours is the: Silver Deep.


tour boat

The first world experience in growing oysters

It is recommended to visit the first farm in the world growing these oysters Caicos Conch Farm located about a fifteen-minute drive from Grace Bay.
During the guided tour, you will learn how to grow the oysters, you will see it starting from a minimal size to its full growth. You can touch the oysters, see the growth ponds, etc. This farm also raises many types of fish.

Caicos Conch Farm


Caicos Conch Farm


Sports & daily recreation

“Provo” is a paradise for sports and daily recreation starting with sailing of all types: Kayaks, Stand Up Paddle board (SUP), Sailboats, Windsurfing to a variety of water amusements such as: Parasailing and Bananas which are very popular on the northern beaches.


Sailboats on shore


 It is also recommended to buy a DAY PASS at the ‘Club Med” facility located also on the Grace Bay beach. The pass includes the free usage of the local facilities including all types of water sports (not Parasailing) and many activities and free food and drinks.






A flight over the island

It is recommended to go to Grand Turk for a one day trip with a cruise ships or on a scenic flight in a light plane from Provo. It is a cheap flight of about 25 minutes which during it you could see spectacular views of the islands and numerous islets of Turks and Caicos surrounded by reefs and clear turquoise waters.


The view from a flight over the Turks and Caicos Islands 

It is good to combine a visit to “Provo” at the end of a trip to the eastern United States. It will be undoubtedly “the icing on the cake” of your trip!


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