Cruises in Europe

Routes of Cruises in Europe

There is a great selection of departure ports and routes in Europe. The length of the cruises vary from just a few days up to more than three weeks.

The supply is huge and there are not many standard and fixed "Classic Routes" the way it is in the Caribbean or Alaska. In Europe, many cruises are of seven nights, but a great number last for 10-14 nights.

However, you can find in Europe routes of only 2-3 nights that include only a stop at one port, those cruises normally start at one point and end at another destination.


Cruise routes divided by area:

Despite the wide selection of possibilities, it is possible to divide the routes into six major cruises:

A sample cruise of the Western Mediterranean: 

Map of cruise in the Western Mediterranean


A sample cruise of the Eastern Mediterranean: 

מסלול קרוז במזרח הים התיכון


A sample cruise of Scandinavia and the fiords:



A route of the Baltic Sea and Russia:

מסלול קרוז בים הבלטי ורוסיה


A Cruise to the British Isles and Coastal Britain:


A cruise to the Canary Islands:


When should you travel?

The main cruise season in Europe is from April to October. During that period, the greatest variety of cruises is offered, in both the Mediterranean as well as Northern Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea.
However, during the winter months there is a limited offer of cruises in Europe, mainly to the Canary Islands, Portugal, Spain and North Africa (Mainly Morocco and Egypt), but also other destinations in the Mediterranean such as Italy, Greece, Turkey and Malta, where the winter is relatively mild.
During the summer months, the cruise prices in Europe are the highest. In Europe, just like in all other parts of the world, during autumn, spring and fall (at the beginning and end of the season of those cruises) the prices drop significantly.