Plitvice Lakes National Park -Croatia

This national park is the number one attraction in Croatia. This natural reserve is considered to be one of the most beautiful and unique in the world. Even people who have visited the national parks of the US and Canada will be charmed by its beauty. It’s no wonder the place was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1979.


Plitvice Lakes


Many people nickname this place ‘Heaven on earth’ because of its beauty and the wonderful colour of its lakes: a beautiful turquoise. The amount of water flowing in the dozens of waterfalls is simply amazing. It’s hard to believe Croatia’s bloody war of independence started here of all places. At the end of March 1991, Serbian rebels took over the park management offices.



Only in August 1995 did the Croatian army conquer it back. Fortunately the delicate eco system and natural beauty of the park were unharmed, but the tourist foundations were destroyed. After the war ended, the hotels and tourist facilities were restored.


Plitvice Lakes


Today, tourists can enjoy grean hiking trails, wooden bridges, hotels, restaurants, boats, transportation services within the park, and a visitor centre.


The park is spread over 72900 acres of forests, lakes (16 in number), rivers and waterfalls. The lake water is so clear you can see the underwater vegetation at the bottom and the many fish swimming there uninterrupted. Because this is a natural reserve, fishing is not allowed. There are many other restrictions besides this one, including: no swimming, no hunting, no lighting fires, no picking flowers, no listening to radio, and more. You are only allowed to walk through the trails of the park, admire its wonders, and take photos. Believe me, it’s enough.


Recommended Hotels near Plitvice Lakes:


♦ Near Slunj At site.

Vacation Appartments:

Ruhige Lage

Located 10 km north of park enterance. Good to 4-6 persons. Kitchen. Free Wi-Fi and Parking.

Apartments Sanja

Located 12 km north of park enterance. 2 bedrooms, living room, Kitchen, nice gardens. Free Wi-Fi and Parking.

Apartments Pavlic

Located 7 km from park enterance. Air-conditioned accommodation. Kitchen or kitchenette equipped with an oven, a fridge, and a tea/coffee maker. Free Wi-Fi and Parking.


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