Costa Rica: General Information


 República de Costa Rica


 Central America, between Nicaragua and Panama; the Pacific Ocean to its West, the Atlantic Ocean (specifically, the Caribbean Sea) to its East.


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51,100 km2

Shoreline: 1290 km
Lowest Point: At sea level (0 metres)
Highest Point: Cerro Chirripo Mountain






 4.1 million


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 Primarily Catholicism (76%). Evangelical Christians make up another 14%. The country also has a small.

Capital City:

 San José

Official Language:

 Spanish. The second language, which much of the population can speak, is English.


Constitutional Democracy (Presidential Republic)


 Costa Rican Colón. However, American dollars are also accepted everywhere. Credit cards are accepted in most places.


110 V (same as U.S.A.)


 The international calling code is +506. In many places, there is no mobile phone reception, or reception is limited.

Time Zone:



 Various airlines have direct flights from major cities in USA, Europe, and South America.



National Holidays:

· January 1st – New Year’s Day, or Año Nuevo
· March-April – Semana Santa, or “Holy Week”, the week preceding Easter, ending with Easter Sunday
· April 11th – Juan Santamaría (National hero) Day
· May 1st – Labour Day, or Día Del Trabajo
· July 25th – Anexión de Guanacaste
· August 2nd – Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles
· August 15th – Mother’s day, or Día de la Madre
· September 15th – Día de la independencia, or Independence Day (celebrating independence from Spain)
· October 12th – Día de Colón, or Christopher Columbus Day, celebrating the discovery of the American continent
· December 25th – Christmas, or Navidad


National Symbols:


National Flag:

National Flag

National Flower:

 Guarianthe skinneri

National Tree:

Guanacaste Tree
(Enterolobium cyclocarpum)

National Bird:

Yigüirro (Clay-Colored Robin)

National Frog:

 Red-Eyed Tree Frog

red eyed frog

Symbol of Freedom:

 The National Labor Symbol:  The Oxcart


National Motto (Unofficial):

 “Pura vida” – Literally means “Pure life”, but its meaning is closer to “full of life,” “this is living!” or “cool!” It can be used for greeting, farewell, or showing appreciation.


pura vida


Safety and Security:

 This is the safest, most stable and peaceful country in Central America. It’s been nicknamed “Switzerland of South America”, “Heaven on Earth” and so on. It is very tourist-friendly, and its citizens are usually very welcoming. Costa Rica has no army. Despite all this, though, I don’t recommend walking around the capital, San Jose, at night; and like in every other tourist destination, take necessary caution against thieves and pickpockets. The country has many immigrants from the neighbouring Nicaragua.

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