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Lands in Love Hotel and resort

I thoroughly recommend a charming resort called Lands in Love: in the heart of a cloud forest, a group of Israelis started operating a unique hotel, spread over a huge chunk of land full of forests, rich tropical greenery and countless animals. The view reflected out the windows and balconies of the hotel rooms is beautiful and constantly changing – green forests, valleys, tall mountains, and among them all, clouds floating. The place is blooming and well-cared for and is reminiscent of a small village.

lands in love  lands in love


lands in love


There is a great variety of activities available in the place, too:
Canopy: Sliding down a series of ziplines in the treetops of a rainforest along 500 acres to a gorgeous view. 9 cables, 10 platforms, 3 “tracks”, 2 hanging bridges and a “Tarzan Swing”, a total of 845 metres. After that, a cable adventure – 3 sets of double cables for a shared experience for two. The longest cable is 750 metres. Steel towers, hanging bridges, sliding at 80km per hour 150 metres over the hidden valley. A truly unique and fun experience!






 Rappelling down waterfalls. You go down several waterfalls, both big and small.

White-water rafting in the Rio Balsa river:

A guided tour in a roaring river with small waterfalls and little whirlpools (level 2-3 rafting, perfectly suitable for families). A fun, wet experience during which you will also see many animals.


canopy  rafting


Horseback Riding:

ride horses along forest trails to the river and the waterfall.


Horseback riding

It’s hard to believe how many different birds there are in the place, varying in colour, size and species. There is nothing like waking up in the morning to birdsong, moving the curtain aside and seeing a gorgeous view – and of course, eating the rich and luxurious breakfasts served at the place. The food in Lands in Love is some of the best in Costa Rica. There is no meat in it, as the resort is vegetarian, but the big and unique meals along with the homey feeling and dedicated service will make you miss the food of Lands in Love for the rest of your trip... There are also a great many special drinks in the place, including wonderful juices and heavenly chocolate milk.

zipline  tucan 


I recommend dedicating at least 2-3 days just to Lands in Love and its attractions. During the rest of your stay there, travel to famous tourist destinations up to two hours away by car – this includes volcanoes, lakes, waterfalls, and more.



If you go to Manuel Antonio, on the way from Lands in Love to Manuel Antonio I recommend going on a “crocodile safari” Jungle Crocodile Safari, Tarcoles - La Barca, a boat ride among crocodiles, birds and mangroves.


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