Penguins Seals and Koalas in Philip Island Tour 

A visit to Melbourne is incomplete without a trip to the nearby Philip Island.
The trip from Melbourne takes about one hour and 45 minutes (140 km) and a whole day must be devoted to it.
There are many unique possibilities on the Island to observe the special animals in this habitat. The best is to start with a cruise to observe the huge seals colony. The boat nears the small isolated islands on which the thousands of seals crouch, a very special sight.


Philip Island


The next is a visit to the Koala Conservation Centre; here you can get close to the Koalas even to the distance of holding out your hand. The Koalas are found on high trees as well as next to the walking trails, where fresh eucalyptus branches were placed for them to eat in large vases, so that visitors can see from near, the cute animals.



The Koala Conservation Centre


As a dessert, there is the main attraction of the island:
Watching the many penguins coming out of the water after sunset.
It is recommended to buy an Ultimate Penguin Experience ticket that includes a guided tour with the rangers, the park guards in the penguins' habitat and watch together with them the penguins from the covered observation point.


Ultimate Penguin Experience at philip island


The Philip Island Grand Prix Circuit, the famous racetrack that can be visited is also located on the island.
You can also visit Churchill Island which is an open museum with ancient buildings that can be visited.


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