The artists village Kuranda and the tropical rain forests visit guide

Kuranda is located half an hour drive from the city of Cairns which is on the north east coast of Australia, in north Queensland state. Cairn is a vibrant tourists' city, with an abundance of attractions and very popular with tourists mainly for being an excellent exit point for tours to the Great Barrier Reef. Also it is the best place to start a visit at Kuranda village which is located in mountains covered with tropical rain forests close to Cairns. 

How to reach Cairns for the visit of Kuranda:

 The distances between Australian cities are of thousands of kilometers, thus whoever is in one of Australia's major cities will reach Cairns by a two and more hours of flight. Those who are coming from abroad from the direction of Bangkok or Hong Kong can first land at Cairns, spend a number of days here and continue south to Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne. Alternatively they can choose Cairns as the last destination on the way back.



A visit to Kuranda village and the tropical rain forests

The Kuranda village is located in mountains covered with tropical rain forests, at a distance of about 35 minutes away from the city of Cairns.
It is possible to reach the village from Cairns by three routes, all pretty and unique. The first, travel on curved roads inside the rain forests. The second, by an old historical train that goes thru the forests and near the spectacular Barron Falls arriving at Kuranda's picturesque train station located inside a forest.


Kuranda train


The third route is by the long Skyrail (7.5 km) above and between the treetops of the rain forest.


Kuranda Skyrail 


Certainly, the best is to combine between them, travelling in each direction by another transportation means, whichever you prefer.
It is possible to purchase a combined ticket that also includes a stop at a Skyrail station in the midst of the rain forest, and there, join a thrilling tour inside the rain forest with an experienced local guide that provides interesting explanations about the living and vegetation in the forest.


Kuranda forest



In the Kuranda Village are two markets with a variety of shops and colorful galleries, some exhibiting typical aboriginals' works, and of course, restaurants and coffee shops.


aboriginal artist in Kuranda


In one of the markets is located a special birds' park. Inside the park is a variety of birds, parrots of all kinds, sizes and colors. It is advisable to buy at the entrance a small bag of seeds to feed the birds. Immediately upon your entry, the parrots sit on your shoulder or head (it is advisable to come with a hat), and feed from the palm of your hand.


birds park in Kuranda


The village also has a Koala park and a butterflies' greenhouse, worthwhile a visit.
It is advisable to take a trip to the Barron Falls near the village. Next to the falls is a walking trail inside the forest and parts of the trail are on hanging bridges. At the end of the trail, you reach a good observation point on the tall waterfalls.


Barron Falls near Kuranda

A wonderful way to visit the rain forests surrounding Cairns is by guided Jeep tours, which will show you typical animals in their natural habitat, you will receive explanation of the diversified plants and tropical fruit in the area. Two companies are recommended for the tour in a small group of 7-16 people only; Wilderness Eco Safaris; Billy Tea Safaris.

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