Accessibility Declaration of Web Site


Accessibility Policy

BarTravel site has made great efforts to provide all visitors with useful and accessible information  for planning trips . The information on the site is free of charge and without the need to register.


A series of measures have been adopted during the construction of our site in order to improve its accessibility and facilitating the access to users, regardless of their physical condition.



In case of any problems with the accessibility or functionality of this website, please contact Sigalit Bar



Measures to improve accessibility:


The site is supported by standard browsers.


Site Structure:

Measures that have been adopted during the construction of our site:

♦ Clear and well structured contents.

♦ Use of CSS for the presentation of the information.

♦ Alternative text on images.

♦ Access to the main options with shortcut keys.

♦ Use of good contrast and colors.

♦ Each page have navigation menu.

♦ Standard definitions of Headings and paragraphs.

♦ Use of page titles.

♦ Providing Site Map.

♦ Providing Site Search Box.

♦ Content is written without flashes or time restrictions.

♦ Text is Left-Aligned.


Website flexibility:

This site is Responsive designed site which is user friendly also for Tablets and Smartphones.


Site Map

This Website has a Site Map. Link to it can be found at the bottom of every page on the site footer. You can also reach it by shortcut key as will be explained in the next section.


Shortcut keys

"Tab" key:

By pressing the  "Tab" key after loading a page, the following links will appear at the very top of the page in this order:
♦ The first link allows skipping (changing focus) directly to the central content area (skips the Top Menu links).
♦ The second link allows skipping directly to the Site Search Box.
♦ The third link opens the Site Map.
♦ The fourth link opens the accessibility Declaration.
Continue pressing the Tab key will skip to the next link on the page in the order of appearance.


Special Shortcut keys:

Three Shortcut keys added  for the following website links :
Pressing " Alt " and :
♦ "M" Shortcut Key to open the Site Map.
♦ "T" Shortcut Key to go to site search box.
♦ "A" Shortcut Key to open the Accessibility Declaration.
NOTE: In some browsers you may have to press two keys " Alt " + " Shift" with the shortcut key .

To make it easier to remember the shortcut keys we added underlined letter for each link:
SiteMap , Accessibility Declaration , Search in BarTravel Site .


Enlarge the text

 Enlarge the text by pressing the keys "Ctrl " and " + " . Reducing the text by pressing the keys "Ctrl " and " - " .


General Information:

What is web accessibility? Links to more information :

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0


Accessibility Israel – the Association for the Advancement of Accessibility and Independence for the Disabled in Israel

Internet Accessibility – the Israel Internet Association

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